Controls home devices with Arduino Remote LITE in Relay Control Mode via Wifi

Just having a smartphone in your hand then we can turn all electrical appliances in the house to on or off, this is really amazing right? Doing that is not actually as difficult as your thought, we only need the app Arduino Remote LITE and an Arduino KIT then you can start to build your own remote control system as what you expected. This article will guide you in detail how to do that.



1. Required equipment
- 1 Android smartphone
- 1 Wifi Module (ESP32 or ESP8266 or Wemos)
- 1 Relay module (4 or 8 channels)

2. Connect the wires

In this tutorial, I used ESP32 module. The connection PINs can be different if you use ESP8266 or Wemos modules.

Diagram to connect ESP32 and 8 Relays module

ESP328 Relays module
13IN 1
12IN 2
14IN 3
27IN 4
26IN 5
25IN 6
33IN 7
32IN 8

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Figure 1. Connection diagram

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Figure 2. Photo in realistc


Step 1. Download the app Arduino Remote LITE

For those who have not installed Arduino Remote LITE:
Download it here:

For those who have installed Arduino Remote LITE:
Be sure to download the latest version (v1.0.5) here:

Step 2. Upload the code

After wiring, supply the power to the ESP32 module and then upload the code as below

Sketch Placeholder

Note 1: There are two types of Relay module is low level trigger and high level trigger. In my tutorial, I'm using a low level trigger module. If you have a high level trigger module, then edit the following part:
const char RELAY_ON = 1; // Relay on
const char RELAY_OFF = 0; // Relay off

Note 2: 
- You shouldn't connect VCC for Relay module before upload as it will consume power that cause uploading failure!
- After finished uploading, quickly open Serial Monitor to see the Wifi info. After that, connect VCC for Relay module and move to next step

Step 3. Connect Arduino Remote LITE to the Wifi module

On your smartphone, turn on Wifi an open the Arduino Remote LITE app. In the app, select Wifi connection mode and enter the WebSever URL that displays in the Serial Monitor.
Click button Test to see if the connection is OK or not.
If the test request is OK, enter Relay Control Mode, press each Relay on and then off to check whether everything is OK. If all are OK then all Relays will be on and off according to the app command.

Note: If you press the Relay but the control signal is reversed, then you only need to correct the RELAY_ON and RELAY_OFF parameters and re-upload the code.


Controlling 8 Relay is really easy with Arduino Remote LITE application, you do not have to build a mobile application which my be complex for you. All you need to do is just wiring as instructed then upload the program and finally connect to use.
Good luck!