Testing RGB LED with Arduino Remote LITE in RGB Led Control mode

Testing RGB Led or build a RGB Led control project is really easy with Arduino Remote LITE. Instruction and sample code can be found inside this post.



1. Required equipment
- 1 Android smartphone
- 1 Arduino board
- 1 Bluetooth module (HC-05 or HC-06)
- 1 RGB Led
- 3 x 220 ohm resistors

2. Connect the wires
Diagram to connect Arduino and Bluetooth module

ArduinoHC-05 or HC-06

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Figure 1. Connection diagram

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Figure 2. Photo in realistic


Step 1. Download the app Arduino Remote LITE

Download Android app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.hieund.arduino_remote_lite

Step 2. Upload the code

After wiring, supply the power to the Arduino and then upload the code as below

Sketch Placeholder

Note: There are two types of RGB Led, which are common-cathode and common-anode. In my tutorial, I'm using a common-anode RGB Led. If you have a common-cathode one, then:
- Edit the following part to 0: const char IS_COMMON_ANODE = 1;
- Connect the common-cathode pin on the RGB Led to GND on Arduino

Step 3. Connect Arduino Remote LITE to the Bluetooth module

On your smartphone, turn on Bluetooth and Pair with your Bluetooth module (the PIN to connect can be 0000 or 1234)
Open the Arduino Remote LITE app then in the list of devices in Bluetooth mode, click on the name of your Bluetooth module to connect.
After the connection is successful, the app will display the Bluetooth icon next to the connected device
Enter RGB Led Control Mode, press each color in the colors pad, you should see your Led change the color accordingly.


I tried with 2 types of RGB Leds and I saw that those Leds are OK at basic colors, but it is not good at mixed colors. Maybe because of the cheap Led quality :)

Try it youself to have you own experiences. It' really easy!